Race 2
PECO XC League (2023-24) Race 2 - Venue: Temple Newsam, Date: Sunday December 3 - Hosted by STAC & Assisted by Kippax Harriers

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.The ‘to count’ results show the men’s and ladies individual positions with Guest runners removed.
These positions are used to calculate team scores and individual points for the cumulative series tables.
Please note that only one ‘2nd claim’ runner can count towards any team score.
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PECO Cross Country League (2023-24): Race 2 (Temple Newsam)

Race Date: Sunday 3rd December 2023

Race Times & Distances:
Junior XC Challenge (School Year 2 - 6): 10.00am, 1.1 miles approx.
Junior XC Challenge (School Year 7 - 12): 10.20am, 1.8 miles approx.
Senior Men (aged 16 and over*): 11.00am, 4.3 miles approx.
Senior Ladies (aged 16 and over*): 11.10am, 4.3 miles approx.

* Age groups for all 5 races in the season are based on age on 12/11/2023

Race Location:
All races will take place entirely within the grounds of Temple Newsam Estate – the Assembly area is in front of the House. The best postcode is LS15 0AE. Access to the estate is generally from Selby Road - use either the Temple Newsam Road or Colton Road access points

Any race number queries can be addressed directly with the PECO race organisers

If your club is a League member club AND you have registered for the race series online, you should NOT come to race registration: your race number will not be there – your League club representative will have it. You should collect it from him / her in accordance with the arrangements that your club has put in place. If these arrangements have not been communicated to you, please follow this up with your club rep / cross country captain BEFORE race day.

You should only come to registration if (a) you are registering on the day to run as a ‘Guest’; (b) your club is not a League member club, and therefore you don’t have a League club rep; (c) you have collected your race number from your club rep in advance, but have either lost it or forgotten to bring it with you to the race.

Car Parking:
Car parking will be using the standard Temple Newsam car parks – they are all free apart from the one directly behind the house, which is pay and display, please check before leaving your vehicle. Please do not park along the Temple Newsam estate access routes.

If possible, we would recommend

  • Car sharing where possible
  • Using public transport – numerous buses travel along Selby Road and Crossgates Train Station is only 1.6 miles away
  • Parking in the nearby area and walking. If you do need to park ‘on street’ please ensure that you do so safely, legally and with due consideration to local residents if parking in a residential area.
  • Running or cycling to the event

Changing & Toilets:

Please either come ready to run or change at your club tent (please do not change in the toilets).  Toilets are available for use in the Temple Newsam courtyard. We have been asked by Temple Newsam Estate Management to ensure no Muddy Shoes will be washed in the sinks.

Warming Up:

Please keep off the junior race courses directly in front of the house and assembly area after 10.00am, as this is when the junior races start and it is not fair to the children to get in their way, or confuse them by running across or back along their race route 

The Courses:

The Junior (year 2 to 6) course is entirely on grass, and unless it is frozen hard, will be suitable for spikes.

The Junior (year 7 to 12) course will be run on a combination of grass, gravel and compacted track and may be suitable for spikes.

The Senior course includes this same short section of hard gravel path, wooded sections and a couple of metres of tarmac and may not be suitable for spikes

The Senior course has a water splash / jump at the 2.7 mile mark, the depth of the water is around 2 feet  Bypass routes to the sides can be used if necessary through the reeds but where’s the fun in that. Please do not use the small wooden stick bridge to the left (we cannot guarantee its safety).  
The race route goes up through Pegasus Wood and new for this year also up through Spring Wood – these woods contain a number of small humps and hollows made by local mountain bikers – please watch your footing in these sections.

The Senior course crosses itself at the 1.1 / 4.2 mile marks respectively – based on the start times for the races there is not expected to be much if any crossover but there will be marshals in place to warn runners if necessary. There is also a small section of contra flow where the course runs side by side for 100 m – this will be taped.

Club Tents

To ensure that the club tented area does not interfere with the routes for either the Senior or Junior races, please set up all tents in front of the house to the north (TN courtyard side) of the finish.

Senior Course Map:


PlotaRoute Link + GPX Download - https://www.plotaroute.com/route/2446225

We have reduced the distance for this year’s race but upped the elevation . The start and finish are both located in the open area in front of the house.

The course starts by heading clockwise round the field and then leads to a climb up the side of the small wooded copses to the hilltop. From there it’s round a bench and downhill to the field corner where you turn right onto a gravel path (careful on this turn). Follow this gravel path round and then take the next right uphill again on gravel. At the top cut through a small gate on the left, over tarmac and into Pegasus Wood. Head straight through on a tight path initially out onto the old golf course – (please be aware that slowest ladies may encounter the quickest men crossing over this path from the left side). Follow the right hand edge of the old fairway all the way to the top and a lovely vista of the Leeds Industrial estates

Turn left onto a path and then follow this downhill through newly fenced off areas. Turn left (new for 2023) at a line of trees and head back uphill and round the old green at the top. Then it’s downhill again (steepest descent of the course) down yet another old fairway.  Head left to a gap through the trees then turn right and follow this downhill to a wood corner. Turn left and prepare yourself for the water jump. After the soggy splash head uphill and round the old green at the top before coming back downhill to nearly back to the water jump (don’t worry you don’t have to do it twice). Turn right into Spring Wood and then shortly afterwards take a right at a crossroads and follow the narrow path up past a small evergreen tree to the top.

Takee a right and then right again to bring you onto another old fairway.  Run down the central track to the bottom left corner. Take a left onto a small path and then soon after left again into Pegasus Wood. From here its uphill on a twisty path to a cross roads at the top. Here is where the routes cross again (the quickest men may encounter the slowest ladies) – go straight across the crossroads to the top and then take a right onto the parkrun route followed by a left shortly thereafter. From here you’re on the finish field and it’s a short dash to the finish (no extra lap of the field this year)

Junior 1.2 Mile Course Map:

junior 1 mile

The route comprises of two clockwise laps, running around the main field in front of the main assembly area.

PlotaRoute URL - https://www.plotaroute.com/route/2442438


Junior 1.8 Mile Course Map:

junior 2 mile

The route with one full clockwise lap (same as the other junior course). On lap two after the climb beside the wooded copses head left at the bench downhill to the field corner where you turn right onto a gravel path (careful on this turn). Follow this gravel path round and then take the next right uphill again on gravel. At the very top at the crossroads turn right and it’s a small dash from there to the finish

PlotaRoute URL - https://www.plotaroute.com/route/2442379


Post-Race Food:
No post-race food will be provided

Results will be published as soon as possible after the race on the League website (www.pecoxc.co.uk) and on RaceBest https://racebest.com/results

Any Questions: If you need any further information before the race, please e-mail Mark Hetherington at mark@evensplits.co.uk

St Theresas Athletic Club - STAC (13th November 2023)


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