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PECO XC League 2016-17 Race 3: Jan 22nd  at West Park - Hosted by Kirkstall Harriers & assisted by Horsforth Harriers

Peco XC Race 3 - Individual Results
Men Results
Ladies Results
Juniors 1 mile
Juniors 2 mile
Junor 1 mile
Junor 1 mile
Junor 1 mile
Junor 1 mile

Peco XC Race 3 - Team Results
Men's Team
Ladies Team
2nd Teams
Junor 1 mile
Junor 1 mile
Junor 1 mile

Provisional results above - please let Mark know about any errors...

Please read the notes on the Junior results from Bob Jackson.

PECO Cross Country League (2016-17):
Race 3 (West Park Fields / Beckett Park)

Race Date: Sunday 22nd January 2017

Race Times & Distances:
Junior XC Challenge (School Year 4 - 6): 10.00am, 1 mile approx.
Junior XC Challenge (School Year 7 - 12): 10.20am, 2 miles approx.
Senior Men (aged 16 and over*): 11.00 am, 4.7 miles approx.
Senior Ladies (aged 16 and over*): 11.10am, 4.7 miles approx.

* Age groups for all 5 races in the season are based on age on 27/11/16

Race Location:
All 3 races will start and finish on the playing fields at the top of Spen Lane, Just off the outer ring road A6120 near Lawnswood roundabout/school, and just up from the Kirkstall Abbey Museum.

Registration & Post-Race Food:
This will be in The Dalesman Pub, at the top of Butcher Hill and just off Spen Lane (LS16 5DD). Registration will be open from 8.50am.  The junior races are £1 to enter and the senior race will be £3.00 PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE PREMISES WITH MUDDY FOOTWEAR OR CLOTHING EITHER PRE OR POST RACE.
Hot food will be provided by The Dalesman, Please be patient whilst the staff serve out the large amount of servings, and don’t forget there is always someone else at the back of the queue. Registration will close at 10.50 to allow those running to get ready and to the start.

Car Parking:
There is no designated car parking – SO PLEASE CAR SHARE WHERE POSSIBLE. There is good on-street parking available around the Dalesman Pub, Butcher Hill and the streets off the top of Spen Lane, There is also street parking behind the fields (see map) and on Queenswood Drive itself – just below the playing fields. Do not park on Spen Lane as this is a busy, narrow road and is on a bus route. PLEASE ALSO PARK WITH RESPECT TO THE LOCALS WHO LIVE THERE AS THEY MAY NEED ACCESS WHILST YOU ARE RUNNING.

Changing, Toilets: There is limited changing facilities in the Dalesman and no showers. Any bags may be left at the Dalesman Pub but at your own risk. There should be ample space on the playing fields between the road and playing fields to erect any tents for changing/shelter purposes.
Toilet facilities will be available in the Dalesman Pub only. Please leave these as you would wish to find them.

THE JUNIOR COURSE – 1 mile and 2 miles
The Junior 1 Mile Race is one lap around the perimeter of the grass fields. These can be boggy in parts if very wet. The Junior 2 Mile Race will be two laps of the same course.

THE SENIOR RACE – 5.5 miles
The council have kindly given us permission to run the race, despite serious damage to the football pitches in previous years, and the University are doing a cross country race on the same fields the week before. We have been given 3 conditions

  1. All damage to grounds is repaired at our cost.
  2. All Marshalls are briefed re out of bound areas in football pitches.
  3. Consideration is given to the regular dog walkers, and crossing points for this are factored into the route and Marshalls advised. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE TO MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC WHO MAY REGULARLY USE THESE PATHS/FIELDS AND WOODS.

The first 1.5 miles will be similar to the junior course and follow the perimeter of the fields until you enter the woods. PLEASE DO NOT RUN ON THE FOOTBALLL PITCHES, WARM UP ON THEM, OR EVEN USE THEM AS A SHORT CUT FROM A TO B. WE ARE ALSO BEING MONITORED BY THE FOOTBALL TEAMS WHO LOST VALUABLE PLAYING WEEKS IN PREVIOUS YEARS. After the fIeld you will then do a loop of the woods, On entering the woods the track is narrow and there may be a large hole very close to the track on your right, depending on the conditions on the day and which track we pick PLEASE TAKE EXTREME CARE HERE if this is the case. There will then be a gap in the fence to negotiate, before running down the track where you enter and cross Beckett Park and run alongside some school fencing. You then enter another wooded area where there is a sharp turn at the bottom to come back up to Beckett Park. You will do a small loop of the park before entering the same first woods on your way back. You make your way up to Queen Victoria’s arch and along a field before going through a different gap in the fence back to the Spen playing fields. We shall have marshals around the course and at any major problem area to remind you. The route is ideally suited to trail or fell shoes. You can wear spikes if you decide, but the woods do have roots, stones and loose bits of wood which may be hidden by fallen leaves There is also 6 narrow tarmac paths to cross. If conditions are dry, road shoes should be okay too. The route will be taped and marshalled


Kirkstall Harriers (27th December 2016)

senior route
Above is the Senior course and below are the Junior 1 & 2 mile courses (all amended on 15/01/17)
Click to download a large hi-res pdf of the courses SENIOR - JUNIOR 1 MILE - JUNIOR 2 MILE They may be slow to load...
junior routes
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